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As we embrace the familiar warmth and vibrant atmosphere of Harry's Roadhouse, it's impossible not to feel a sense of home. Behind this beloved Santa Fe gem stands Kathleen O'Brien, whose passion for hospitality has been the heartbeat of our establishment for over two decades. Starting her journey 24 years ago as a manager, Kathleen has since become the proud owner, infusing Harry's Roadhouse with her unique vision of warmth, welcome, and community.

Our  philosophy is simple yet profound: to make every visitor feel like "Norm" from Cheers—a place where "everybody knows your name." This isn't just about recognizing faces; it's about remembering your favorite table or bar seat, your preferred meal, and greeting you with a warmth that makes Harry's Roadhouse feel like an extension of your own kitchen. This philosophy has transformed our space into more than just a restaurant; it's a community hub where friendships flourish over shared meals.

We believe in the power of gratitude and thankfulness, both for the incredible people I work with and for you, our guests, who have chosen to make us a part of your lives. Whether you're here to celebrate, unwind, or enjoy a casual meal, we're here to make your experience memorable.

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A Heartwarming Testimonial from a young fan!
At Harry's Roadhouse, we've always believed in the magic of good food and a warm atmosphere. But nothing could have prepared us for the beautiful words we received from one of our youngest fans, Meadow, a third grader in Mrs. Nakamura's class with a heart as big as her imagination.
o know that we've created a space where even the youngest of our guests feel joy and comfort is truly the best reward we could ask for.
Thank you, Meadow, for reminding us of the simple joys of life and the power of a good meal. You're the reason we keep striving to make Harry's Roadhouse a place of warmth and delight for everyone. 💖
We're more than just a restaurant; we're a little piece of home in the heart of Santa Fe.

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Introducing Mario Reyes Leon: A Culinary Journey from Dishwasher to Chef and Business
Partner at Harry's Roadhouse

In the heart of Harry's Roadhouse, where the kitchen buzzes with creativity and the air is fragrant with innovation, stands Mario Reyes Leon—a testament to dedication, passion, and culinary excellence. Mario's journey with Harry's Roadhouse began 23 years ago, a narrative rich with growth, learning, and an undying zeal for the culinary arts.
Starting as a dishwasher, Mario's curiosity and eagerness to learn set him apart. He wasn't content with just doing his job; he wanted to understand the why and the how behind every dish. This thirst for knowledge saw him rise through the ranks, absorbing every lesson the kitchen had to offer. His journey through the various roles in the kitchen was not just about mastering the technical aspects of cooking but also about discovering his own passion for flavors and gastronomy.
Nine years ago, Mario's dedication and talent culminated in his becoming the Chef of Harry's Roadhouse. In this role, he has truly flourished, bringing his innovative vision and international inspiration to the forefront of the dining experience. Mario's approach to cooking is characterized by a constant quest for new flavors, a challenge he embraces with every dish he creates. His passion is evident in the weekly specials, where he draws from a palette of global cuisines to craft meals that transport diners around the world, igniting their passion for diverse flavors.
Mario's journey took an exciting turn when he became Kathleen's business partner, marking a new chapter in his career and in the story of Harry's Roadhouse. 

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